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NANOTECH For Furniture & Carpets.

Textiles and fabrics of all kinds are a center for bacteria and insects that cannot be visible by human eye, were also high temperatures cause fading colors or corrode, and moisture promotes the growth of mold in fabrics and cracking of leather. As well as furniture stains from spilled liquids, dirty children’s fingers, pets, and other things that cause permanent and difficult to clean stains, even excessive cleaning harms furniture, especially when using chemicals that can damage the colors and texture or affect the quality of the leather over time.

NANOTECH as nano scale coating protects almost any type of textile such as furniture, carpets, leather, etc., from ingesting water, dirt, pollution, and stains because it becomes resistant to various types of liquids such as coffee, tea, oils, and pollution in general, and it is completely invisible. Also, this will not affect the appearance, breathability, color, and texture of the fabric. These characteristics ensure that the fabric is easy to maintain as the application is highly water-resistant and suitable for both outdoor and indoor fabrics.

NANOTECH For Woods & Parquets

With time, all types of wood in general, whether internal such as doors, parquet, cabinets, tables, and other decorative wood, or external such as chairs, tables, fences of gardens and swimming pools, are subjected to damage, corrosion, moisture, cracking, mold deposits, and its natural color changes due to being affected by weather factors, acid pollutants, sunburns, as well as from chemical cleaning products, and many other factors that require maintenance and re-paint or sometimes to change it completely.

NANOTECH as nano scale coating is designed to penetrate into the structure of the wood. It is suitable for all kinds of wood which will not alter the natural look of wooden surfaces, yet it provides a highly durable timber coating which protects the wood from water ingress, salts, mold, and oils. 

NANOTECH For Stones & Marble

Climate and environmental changes affect the texture of rocks and stones and cause cracking, mold, and crust on the surface, because rocks and stones are mostly porous materials, which means that any liquids that seep on the surface tend to penetrate the body of the stone and make it susceptible to absorbing various stains and pollutants, which can negatively affect on the appearance of the stone over time. For example, marble, despite its durability and strength, is a soft material, meaning that it is easy to be scratched, cracked, broke and color changed, because of doing household chores and daily activities. Polished and smooth marble floors are more susceptible to damage, and therefore marble damage cannot be repaired, but rather replaced. It also shows permanent white spots because of exposure to acids, such as orange juice, coffee, and soda.

NANOTECH as nano scale coating is designed to penetrate deep into the structure of the stone. As the coating becomes enmeshed within the surface structure it provides excellent anti-weathering characteristics, water ingress, massive protection against abrasion, and will resist staining against domestic grade acid and alkaline degradation, as well as organic solvents.

NANOTECH For Glass & Solar Panels

Glass is a multi-use material such as doors, windows, facades, solar panels and interior divisions, but it is a fragile material that is prone to breakage and corrodes under the influence of alkali solutions. It is also affected by the ammonia gases in moist air in conjunction with high temperatures, and it needs to be cleaned well on an ongoing basis, especially in areas exposed to humidity and dust.

NANOTECH as nano scale coating is recommended for all kinds of glass, as showers, mirrors, window glass, construction glass, automotive glass, solar panels, etc., in addition to glazed ceramic surfaces as toilets, sinks, glazed tiles, etc. It is designed to be strong hydrophobicity, strong anti-stick properties, excellent easy-clean performance on contamination and lime-scale, enormous abrasion-resistance, resistant to temperature change, breathable, invisible to the human eye, chemical-resistant up to pH 14, and even food-safe.

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